Steps and Tips to Curl your Hair Using Best Hot Rollers

Are you having a special event to attend to? Do you know what to wear? What about the hairstyle?

As much as possible, we want to look at our best when attending any event. We see to it that the clothes we wear are trendy and fashionable and of course the hair that serves as our crown should look perfect as well.

One of the most common hairstyles that go perfectly with any outfit is curly hair. Curls are elegant and it easily adds sophistication. And, it can be done without going to the salon or asking for any assistance.

Using Hot Rollers for Beautiful Curls

By using a hot roller, you can give your hair beautiful curls that will add edge to your regular outfit, impressing everyone as you walk around. To start using hot rollers, just simply follow these steps:

1.    First, make your rollers hot by plugging it. The hot rollers will change its color as the temperature rises up.

2.    Meanwhile, use a volumizing mousse all over your hair, starting from the roots to tips. This will give your hair extra bounce and volume.

3.    Make your hair easier to work with by parting it in the middle. Use clips to separate your hair into sections.

4.    Put enough hair to curl into the roller as too much hair may not allow the roller to curl it properly.

5.    Place the end of your hair in the roller and wrap your hair around it. The best hot rollers should be rolled until the top of your hair.

6.    Do it on all parts your hair.


•     To make your curls last longer, allow your hair to completely dry or at least be almost dry before you start curling it.

•    Allot enough time, at least 2-4 hours, so that you can curl your hair properly.

•    Lastly, wear it with confidence.

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